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During the fair “CRAME 2018”, held the last weekend at the International Racetrack “Enzo e Dino Ferrari” in Imola, the militaries of Bologne Guardia di Finanza have seized approximately 15 thousand counterfeit products (advertising signs, pieces of furniture, ceramic items, resinous stickers, patches), bearing distinctive signs of notorious car manufacturers such as “Ferrari”, “Lamborghini”, “Porsche”, “Maserati”, “Mercedes”, “Jaguar”, “Alfa Romeo” and other registered trademarks such as “VR46”, “46 The Doctor”, “Adidas”, “Vespa”, “Harley Davidson”.

In particular, activities of prevention and suppression of violations in the field of “Trademark protection” and “Safety of the products”, carried out by militaries of Guardia di Finanza in Imola and conducted as part of regular activities of “Territory’s economic monitoring”, have allowed to report to the competent PoA two subjects (the first Italian and the second one Czech) for crimes involving counterfeiting. The products seized would have allowed to obtain an illegal profit of over 50 thousands euros.

The activity pursued by the Guardia di Finanza of Bologna represents a further witness of the steady attention paid by the Enforcement to “the protection of fair competition”in the free market and to “the protection of the consumer”, in order to avoid the marketing of counterfeit products and to preserve the consumer from the purchase of items potentially dangerous, since these don’t respect the foreseen standards of quality and security.

Investigazioni e sicurezza per aziende, professionisti e privati BIG SEIZURE OF 15.000 COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS IN IMOLA

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