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From the seventh “Cabina di Regia” for internationalization, the main objectives to increase the weight of Italy abroad have emerged: more funds, more promotion policies, aid to entrepreneurs and fight against counterfeiting. The “Cabina di Regia”, held on September 11th 2018, was attended by the Foreign Affairs Minister, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, and the Economic Development Minister, Luigi Di Maio, as well as the main public actors dealing with internationalization, business associations and representatives of the regions. Concerning the resources, in 2019 the funds for the promotion should amount to 200 million. The data presented showed that the number of Italian companies competing on international markets, which export steadily, is still low: therefore it’s necessary to give more aid to entrepreneurs, removing bureaucracy, which requires time and energy. In order to access the incentives for internationalization, the countless certifications required will be no longer necessary.

Through the public investment bank, it will be given more space for financing for long-term investments. The other measures envisaged concern:

  • a new version of vouchers for SME to hire on full-time export managers, favoring, in particular, aggregations, supply chains and networks;
  • the creation of a pilot project for “temporary digital managers”, in order to develop digitization;
  • a South Export plan coordinated by the Ice Agency.

As regards the fight against counterfeiting and technological development, Luigi Di Maio that work is ongoing on the use of the Blockchain for the certification of Made in Italy products. The attention is also directed to the creation of an Italian multilingual e-commerce portal, a sort of Amazon of Made in Italy, which facilitates the sale of Italian products and, at the same time, fights against counterfeiting.

Investigazioni e sicurezza per aziende, professionisti e privati AID FOR ENTERPRISES AND FIGHT AGAINST COUNTERFEITING

[Source: https://www.edotto.com/articolo/cabina-di-regia-per-linternazionalizzazione-aiuti-alle-imprese-e-lotta-alla-contraffazione]

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